A Glamorous Spring Errol Park Wedding

Today's wedding is certain to give you all of the warm, cozy feels.


Think of it as a comforting (yet elegant) hug of the wedding. We've got pillar candles and roses cascading down a historic staircase, an intimate, stone-built country manor, and also the crisp, outdoors of a springtime day.

Please, include me in that relaxed, personal celebration of Sara and Paul. Helping these phones piece together their vision was Laura, who had been invaluable for making the day run smoothly.

"Paul wore a Modern MacKenzie tartan kilt. We both love Scotland and exploring different areas in Scotland so for him, the kilt was a simple choice."

In beautiful contrast to the jewel tone of the bridesmaids, the bride is to be dressed in an exquisitely-cut, modern-style gown, having a sexy open back and also the prettiest, beaded cap sleeves. The train pools so wonderfully behind Sara, and look for the delicate beading in the base from the spine.

"Everyone says 'you just know' whenever you try on the wedding dress but I didn’t find this to become the case! I bought my dress from in Bothwell. It was one from the first I tried on and although I loved it when I used it on, I found it hard to commit and worried that there may be something else better I was missing."

"My dress was simple and I was worried I 'should' be going for something a little fancier and almost wound up ordering an embellished, beaded gown. In the end, I realized I would feel a lot more myself and comfy going with the easy FeelTimes wedding dresses."

"I probably loved the fit of the dress the most. The fabric was thick crepe which helped pull me in and also the cut was flattering. The dress possesses an embellished back that clips on but I decided not to include this bit towards the dress as I felt convenient with an open back and felt the embellishment wasn't me! The long train also definitely helped me seem like a bride."

I love the way the tartan blends so well using the bridesmaids' rich, luxe satin bridesmaid dresses in Emerald Green.

"I had seen plenty of photos of bridesmaids in FeelTimes dresses and originally had the idea of getting all bridesmaids within the same color but different styles of dress. It turned out that all of them liked the Salma dress, therefore, we went with this. I took some time to decide on color as I wasn't too confident that the bright green was more wintery however it looked great on all of the girls. The dresses are cut so well that my bridesmaid at 33 weeks pregnant still was able to fit into her pre-pregnancy size dress!"

"At first I desired to go for any plain cathedral veil but my mum and gran were pushing for that jeweled one! In the end, I was glad I went for this as it looked great lying on top of the plain train, particularly when it caught the sunshine."

I will surely see both sides of the couple's vision during these wonderful photos. Her timeless, peaceful ceremony photos flow seamlessly into her colorful, energetic record from the dinner and party.

"Our photographer continues to be featured so seeing her photos solidified us wanting her! Paul and I both knew we wanted your day captured as naturally as we possibly can and to have plenty of candid shots. We desired to limit the staged photos as much as we possibly can. I discovered Zoe's photos on a few blogs and loved her style. She seems to capture the essence of your day. We loved the way we barely remembered she was there at times and she or he managed to get some good photos of people without us needing to awkwardly pose! She seemed to be so friendly and simple to relax around. I would recommend her."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"It's easier said than done, but do not stress and enjoy all of the planning as once your day is over you'll miss the look and organizing. Also, don't sweat the little stuff as on your day you genuinely won't care! As long as you both got married, it had been a success!"

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