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The latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update brings gifts to each other in addition to everyday smiles.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are hundreds of villagers you can befriend. Animal Crossing Bells can be purchased as you like at Nook's Cranny and ABLE Sister. It is the currency of Animal Crossing New Horizons and is used to purchase most of the items sold by the ACNH Shop. Including Storefront, Scooter, DIY Recipes, Golden Tool Set, etc. To avoid the long quest time, choosing Buy ACNH NMT is also a good choice. This will greatly save your task time and improve game efficiency. During daily island interactions, not only do villagers exchange gifts with the player characters or visit their houses, but they also tend to talk to each other. The conversation is not limited to daily greetings, but also includes island activity announcements and more.


Animal Crossing's New Horizons 2.0 update almost completely overhauls New Horizons' home customization options, adding several stores, including the long-awaited Roost Cafe. The new update also helps to increase communication between players and villagers. To make friendship last. The New Horizons system has added a gift-giving function. Each player has a backpack, which can store basic tools like Shovel, Golden Axe, Golden Net, etc., as well as fashion clothing purchased from ABLE Sister. Strictly speaking, these belong to ACNH Items.


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, villagers can often be found interacting with the island's scenery in unique ways. They might play a musical instrument, sit on a recliner, or water flowers. Some villagers do things by themselves, while players are busy doing things elsewhere. Sharp-eyed players might see some of these villagers doing new and interesting things in the show. A user shared a screenshot on Reddit. The picture shows her friends Beardo and Stu sitting side by side on the beach. This close friendship between villagers is relatively new to the Animal Crossing franchise.


Animal Crossing New Horizons is currently unable to hold weddings in the game. The wedding is currently limited to Reese and Cyrus. If you want to keep your island's favorite villager forever, you need to interact with the animal villager or give him/her a gift every day. Don't let your island villagers feel lonely. If you don't interact with them for a long time, they may move away from your island. Acbellsbuy offers 9000+ ACNH Items. You can build your island or Buy ACNH NMT for the cutest animal villagers. Take some patience to choose a suitable gift to maintain your friendship. Including Gold-Rose Plant, Orange-Rose Plant, Gold Rose Crown, Lily-Of-The-Valley Plant, etc.

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