After Sunwell of WoW TBC Classic is WOTLK Classic

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Once again, the champions of Azeroth face Kael'thas Sunstrider, the fallen blood elf prince who has made a new pact with the Burning Legion to use the power of the Sunwell to summon a demon.

Wrath of the Sunwell - the final major content update for Burning Crusade Classic - is now live and brings a host of new end-game features, according to the associated press release.

These include the following points:

New Zone Faction: The Isle of Quel'Danas – A new daily quest hub that unlocks more quests over time and allows players to gain reputation with a new faction, the Shattered Sun Offensive.
New Dungeon: Magisters' Terrace - Players face the forces of Kael'thas and the Legion in preparation for the final battle.
New Raid: The Sunwell Plateau - A new raid in which 25 players must fight their way to the fabled Sunwell to prevent the summoning of Kil'jaeden, leader of the Legions campaign on Azeroth. Also, as another change, End of Game expects the voting requirements for the final three bosses to be lifted!
PvP Season 4 – PvP gamers can earn the Brutal Gladiator's gear set, which costs less than the Season 3 and Season 2 sets.

The attack on Quel'Danas Isle has begun in Burning Crusade Classic. The heroes of the Alliance and Horde have launched from Shattrath City to face Kael'thas and the Legion at the Sunwell. Associated with this are the new daily quests, the associated dungeon Terrace of the Magisters and of course the new Raid Sunwell Plateau. A total of six bosses await you in the new raid:

devil spell,
the eredar twins,
Unlike the original version of the raid, all bosses will be available from the start. An attunement for the instance is not necessary.

But there is also new equipment and rewards for PvP fans to earn. At the end of Season 4, all eligible players will receive a unique title (Brutal Gladiator) as well as a unique mount (the fearsome Brutal Nether Dragon), Blizzard informs on the official website for the update's release.

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In order to be able to buy the new PvP set of the brutal gladiator, you need a personal rating like in the Burning Crusade original. This is distributed among the different items as follows:

Brutal Gladiator's Pauldrons – 2000 rating
Brutal Gladiator's Weapons – 1850 rating
Warden's Boots - 1700 rating
Rings of the Guardian - 1,650 rating
Guardian's Bracers – 1,575 rating
Wrath of the Sunwell: Release Trailer | Burning Crusade Classic
"The fate of Quel'Danas rests in a sacred fountain of untold power. Reclaim the Sunwell and stop Kil'jaeden from invading Azeroth with the help of the corrupted Prince Kael'thas.” – Blizzard on the release of the final Burning Crusade Classic content phase. You can see the corresponding release trailer here. There are Classic TBC Gold for sale.

WotLK Classic: The long wait begins

Blizzard already told us in mid-April that "WotLK Classic" will be released in 2022. As part of the announcement of the new retail expansion "Dragonflight" we finally got the confirmation that Wrath of the Lich King will appear again. WotLK is still considered by a large part of the community to be the best expansion that World of Warcraft has ever received. The anticipation of the new release is correspondingly high.

WotLK Beta Build Revealed

The wait for news could turn out to be even shorter than many assumed. Because yesterday, Thursday, May 12, 2022, the WotLK beta build, or rather the beta client, was unveiled. Although there has not yet been an official presentation or statement from Blizzard, a number of data miners have already been busy and have collected various information from the data.

This shows, for example, that the current version contains the Dungeon Finder achievements. This suggests that the version is still being worked on, as Blizzard announced that it does not want to implement the find dungeon in WotLK Classic. In addition, since yesterday it has been confirmed that the "Realm First Achievements" will also be present again in WotLK and reward those who, for example, make it to the maximum level with their class or profession particularly quickly. The fastest successes in raids are again recognized by titles and corresponding achievements.

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