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The parallel gate valve is a slide valve with a gate like closing member with a parallel face. The closing member can be composed of a single disc or a double disc with a dispersion mechanism between them
Parallel Gate Valve Specification
1. Size:2鈥潂48鈥?DN 50~DN 1200)
2. Pressure:Class 150~Class 2500
3. End connection:Welded,Flanged
Main materials
Special Alloy Steel:Inconel,Hastelloy,Monel
Parallel Gate Valve Standard
1.Design Standard:API 6D,ASME B16.34
2.Flange END:ASME B16.5,ASME B16.47
3.Butt ends:ASME B16.25
4.Face To Face:MSS-SP-81,ASME B16.10
5.Test and Inspection:MSS-SP-81,MSS-SP-61,API 598
1.The double-gate gate valve is suitable for closed-circuit equipment on pipelines where the medium is water and sewage, and is not allowed to be used for flow regulation and emptying.
2.Full Bore
3.Bolted Bonnet
4.Wedge type gate,cross connection
5.The sealing surface is directly welded on the valve body or gate.
6.Parallel single wedge
7.Parallel Slide Gate Valve can be fitted with by-pass valves when specified by the customer
8.Two piece,self-aliging gland eliminates cocking.
9.The spring-loaded disc is automatically aligned to reduce actuator torque requirements
10.Integrally cast the bracket stop to position the bracket plate assembly to ensure reliable seating
11.Replaceable double-disc seal with double bleeding and blocking is created by a combination of internal pressure and spring forceGate Valve Manufacturers


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