Path Of Exile: the portal back to The Infinite Hunger’s arena

Where is the portal back to The Infinite Hunger’s arena in Path Of Exile?

If you don't want to drown with the new Infinite Hunger boss in Path of Exile, or get rich loot and POE PC Currency in this arena, then this content will be of great help to you.

Where is the portal back to The Infinite Hunger's arena?

At the beginning, like every boss before. The Infinite Hunger boss's attack method is relatively simple and simple, and players can easily avoid it. But it won't be long before the silt around the arena will spread to the middle, and if you don't prepare in advance you will drown.

But in fact, the player will fall on a small island in the mud. There will be constant little monsters appearing and attacking you. Unfortunately, this time you get a stacking debuff that reduces your defense and evasion. Thankfully, there will be a portal to get you back into the arena, but if you don't take your chances, you'll be eliminated on the island.

The good news is that there is a way to help you. If you look closely at the flow of the silt, you will find that most of the silt is still and only a small part is flowing. As long as we move along the flow of the silt, we can reach the exit.

That's all for how to get back into the arena, I hope my advice helps you. Other than that I suggest you buy POE Currency because it can greatly improve your ability. In recent days, POECurrency is running a special month-end event, if you have the will, you can consider it. Happy gaming.

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